The Savage Crown Co.Satin-lined Beanie Black

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The Savage Crown Co. Black

No more Line Marks. Satin lined Sleep Beanie with the stain-resistant feature is the perfect accessory for protecting your hair while helping remain stylish. 

Protects Hair. The soft satin interior lining helps retain the moisture in your hair, eliminates breakage while sleeping. Keeps your hairstyle fresh, smooth, and frizz-free. 

Comfortable Fit. Avoid those ugly sleep lines across your forehead!!
  • Good elasticity of Bamboo Viscose jersey itself snug 
  • Perfect for bedtime. helps your coils, curls, and kinks.
  • Retain moisture and doesn't dry out your hair like traditional bonnets
  • Won't slip while you sleep.
Very Versatile.   Good for outdoor activities,  Gym, Shopping, Travelling,
  • A great way to hide any bad hair day,  and protects your hair anywhere.