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  • Finding the right product solutions for natural hair and maintaining wellness with itBrandelyn Green
  • The Mindset Queen: Increase your self-worth and level up your net worth   Jasmine Thomas 
  • How to fix common hair issues by choosing the right product for your hair  Kimberly Lewis
  • Never compromise your time and your hair: how to get popping curls, while saving money, time and maintaining your wellness
    Gwen Jimmere

  • The key transformations of healthy living and wellness Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey
  • The untold truths and beauty of dreadlocs and creating Natural Hair Beauty with them Kamaria Hill 
  • The key reasons your skin will reveal so much about your wellness and health Tiffany Torrence
  • Accomplish your goals and increase your wellness through living intentional and purposeful Christine St Vil & Julian B Kiganda
  • Why natural hair can increase your sexuality and build a better intimacy with bae  Goody Howard
  • Real texture talk: for the love of natural type 4 and low porosity natural hair
    Tasha Branham
  • Rediscover the senses of wellness through cooking and eating Nina Bryant
  • Ingredients really matter: what simple organic and natural ingredients can do for your health and natural hairRochelle Graham Campbell
  • How natural hair can work for any hair length, type or texture
    Tendai Morris
  • The natural beauty within: overcoming life hurdles and making successful progress towards an healthier you Aya Fubara Eneli 


  • The fundamentals of reducing stress and increasing your mental wellnessDr. Glenna Anderson
  • How and why travelling can save your life and health. What it means for wellness and natural hairDanielle Washington
  • The Hayah beauty experience: transforming and empowering your beauty through natural hair styles
    Darrius Peace
  • How to embrace the diversity of styling natural hair and what it can do for confidence and preconceptions about yourself Donna Moody 
  • The secrets to improving your quality of life starts in the bedroom
    Angela Hawkins