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Ditch the Long and Tedious Haircare Aisle Hassle with the CurlKit 

Give that Curly Hair the Love It deserves

We’ve all been there ... standing in the haircare aisle struggling to choose between dozens of products.

Every label promises hydration, shine, bounce, and definition – everything you and your hair wants.

But you’ve been down this road before. You buy a product, take it home and excitedly try it, only to find your hair doesn’t love it. Leaving you with yet another barely-used product tucked into the back of your bathroom cabinet.

Sis, we get it! That’s why we created the CurlKit Box to put an end to your product search frustration.

Simply start your subscription and we’ll deliver 4 to 6 of our favorite tried-and-true product samples plus our CurlLife Magazine with recommendations and tips from featured brands – all straight your doorstep.

No more wasted time in the haircare aisle.

No more disappointing products.

Just the goodies you need to get those curls looking and feeling great.

Give that curly hair the love it deserves.

Our curly hair experts put these products to the test so you don’t have to. Start your CurlKit subscription and give your hair some much-needed TLC!

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Get samples of natural hair care and beauty brands delivered right to your door

❤ $20 + $5 shipping saves your rainy day change for real rainy days

❤ Quality products by leading experts in natural curls leave you smiling bright

❤ You can’t even imagine how good these boxes’s crazy!

❤ Our mini-mag keeps you up-to-date on the latest in culture, styles & trends

❤ Plus members get discounts & special offers that aren’t available to others

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