Subscription Box Blueprint

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Launch and grow the subscription box of your dreams!
Lifetime Access to all 5 Modules with: Videos, worksheets, case studies, real client examples, and private community access.  $2,997 regular price
  Module 1: Product/Market Selection
  Module 2: Product Sourcing
  Module 3: Pre-Launch
  Module 4: Launch
  Module 5: Ongoing Promotion
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Product/Market Selection
    ●  What to look for in an ideal product
    ●  What makes a good niche to target
    ●  4 different types of subscription boxes
In this module you learn all of the fundamentals of the subscription box industry. Walk through the key elements of picking the right type of products for your box and what makes a good niche to get into. We will also go over how to do effective product, market and competitive research. 
By the end of this module you will have your foundation in place.
Product Sourcing/Packing
    ●  Finding Suppliers
    ●  Positioning yourself
    ●  Packaging
In this module, you will move on to getting your physical box in place. We will even show you the best way to position yourself so you can get products to include in your box for free. 
Now that your products, box and packaging are secured you are almost ready to start prelaunch.
    ●   Platform Selection
    ●   List Building
    ●   Leveraging Paid ads
In this module, let start building your email list of potential buyers. I will walk you through selecting and setting up your Ecommerce platform. Don’t worry if you aren’t tech savvy, one of your included bonuses is walk through videos on how to set up everything. 
By the end of this module your website should be up and ready to start taking orders
    ●   Email Marketing
    ●   Outreach Marketing
    ●   Marketing Outreach
    ●   VIP Launch
    ●   Build Trust
    ●   Testing
In this module, it is time to launch your subscription box. We have already covered growing your list and keeping in contact with them.  
Now it’s time to start selling.
Ongoing promotion/Scale
    ●   Influencer Marketing
    ●   Mindset
    ●   KPI/Know Your Numbers
    ●   Social Media Marketing
    ●   Pitfalls to Avoid
    ●   Referrals/Word of Mouth
In this module, we will transition to how you do the ongoing maintenance of your box. We will be reviewing ongoing marketing efforts as well as pitfalls to avoid. We will also introduce you to a few more advanced marketing strategies to try now that you have the fundamentals down. We will also go over the mindset you will need to have as a successful subscription box. We are even adding an extra section on how to deliver exceptional customer service.
Now it’s time to start selling.
 BONUS 1: Tech Companion: - We walk you through how to set up all of the pesky technical stuff that get people stuck. From buying a domain, email setup, to shopify setup. $497 value 
 BONUS 2: Master Swipe Files: - You will get copies of winning emails and facebook ads examples that We have used over the years to get results. $997 value 
 BONUS 3: Exclusive discounts: - We open our rolodex to give you access to our tools and exclusive deals on products and services we use to build our 7 figure subscription box business. $497 value 
 BONUS 4: 12 Month Access to Private Community: - Each students gets access to our private community. There you will be able to ask questions and work with others on the same journey as yourself. We will also be in the group daily responding to questions and providing additional training. $497 value 
 BONUS 5: Extra Masterclasses: - We will be providing additional masterclass on other areas of business you will need as you grow. Such as how to do competitive research, market research, setup and run facebook ads for example. $497 value 
Meet Heather and Dino Cummings
We have established ourselves as industry leaders shipping millions of products around the globe and generating over 15 MILLION Dollars in revenue. 
After running successful IT and service businesses, we decided to work on our latest passion, helping women on their natural hair journey through a subscription box service.
Together, we co-founded Curlkit LLC, the top Subscription Box for women with naturally textured hair serving over 100k women world wide, shipping over half a million boxes
We have been featured in numerous publications e.g. Essence, Ebony, Hype Hair, Mintel, Life & Style magazine and most recently the 2019 INC5000 for being one of America’s fasting growing small business.
We have decided to take our 15+ years of business experience and expertise and teach others how they can have their own success and launch a subscription box of their dreams.
Total Cost $5982   $997!